15 People Share Things That Don’t Exist Anymore, But They Should

by Damjan

The world we live in changes constantly, and we can't figure out if it's for better or worse, no matter how much we try. We must comply with the new rules, mostly involuntarily, while thinking about all the good things we lost along the way.

We can’t fight the progress, that is obvious. Are the novelties better, or just different? It remains to be seen.

People on Reddit answered a question about things they wish still existed. We have selected some of the most interesting answers, and they will make you nostalgic and also wonder about the world we live in today.

1. Yeah, we need it back…

“The Office of Technology Assessment in the US Congress. Its job was to keep Congress up to date with developing science and technology. It was defunded in 1995.
Considering Congress’s general tech illiteracy, it seems like something that needs to come back.”

2. Good old days….

“Saturday morning cartoons. Fox Kids, 1 Saturday Morning, Kids WB, BKN…
I remember watching the CW4Kids block after it replaced Kids WB when I was in my early 20s, and I knew the writing was on the wall.
It became Vortexx for a bit, and even that ended by 2014.”

3. Hygiene is important…

“Home economics classes.
Preach! It is shocking how many people leave school with no idea how to take care of themselves.
Not just basic cooking either, cleaning, making beds, laundry, not-letting-your-room-get-so-stale-that-it-makes-the-entire-hall-smell-like-a-wet-dog’s-arse. We need to teach future students this shit!”

4. Watching and learning...

“Old school Discovery channel. The one that you could actually learn something from.”

5. Lightning fast.

“Supersonic travel.
You could fly New York to London in 3 hours in the 70’s but not today.
I realize there’s plenty of financial and engineering reasons this doesn’t exist but it just seems so backwards if you don’t look at it too closely.”

6. High-quality products are just a distant memory....

“Actual quality products. And I’m not talking about cheap Walmart brand crap being nicer. I fully believe you get what you pay for.
Like there’s things that I wish I could buy, and I would pay the commensurate high price, that are just high-quality and would last.
For a lot of things that option literally doesn’t exist anymore.”

7. The original…

I don’t know whether this is a cringy opinion to have, but I believe a unique art form was lost when Vine died. That 6-second limit forced people to use creative ways to rapidly tell a story and a lot of hilarious stuff came out of it.
There are a few videos on TikTok that sort of recapture the Vine feel, but I still feel like I’m watching a hollow ghost of something once-great when I watch TikToks.
I’m just glad that people managed to save a ton of the classic Vines in youtube format.
Sad that we won’t be seeing any new ones unless a ‘Vine 2’ launches, and even then, I’m not sure it’s going to feel the same.”

8. This is a fairytale

“Honest government.
The modern political climate really started to shift after Reagan won the presidency.
Not saying that Reagan is the basis of all our problems, but the parties got really polarized from then on, and it’s just a cluster fuck now.”

9. Watching the politicians today, it sure would come in handy.

“The guillotine. Last used in 1977 in France.”

10. Best of the best...

“Robin Williams and Steve Irwin.”

11. Short life span.

“Products lasting a long time.
Old refrigerators and cars were built to last. Then corporations realized they could rig stuff to degrade over time forcing you to buy another. Now iPhones will start having problems after two years.
Fuck you Apple, I’m keeping my iPhone 4S even if the home button doesn’t work.”

12. May the best man win....

“Political debates settled by duel.”

13. They should be separated.

“A solid wall of separation between church and state.”

14. Good old IPod Classic

“IPod Classic. Especially if they added Bluetooth, wireless charging, WiFi (to download podcasts and sync music), external speaker, water proofed, and a camera (plus microphone).
I was going to say I like it’s simplicity, but I think I it’s really that it’s a dedicated device for listening to music and podcasts. We need a break from social media and news notifications that drive up our blood pressure. Bring back the iPod classic.
Also, the current Apple Music interface is just bad. So the old music library interface as well. Cover flow and all.”

15. We are supposed to teach our youth - not the other way around….

“As a younger member of society (age<20), I am often annoyed by the way the majority of society seems to not do basic things, such as holding doors open for others (especially their elders), saying good morning/good evening to someone they may pass on the street, thanking shop keepers etc.”