Gold Medalist Tom Daley Shows-Off The Adorable Things He's Been Knitting In The Olympic Stands

by Stephanie

If you haven't heard of Tom Daley, he is a competitive diver who recently won gold for Great Britain in the Tokyo Olympics. But there's another reason that Tom has been receiving a lot of attention lately.

You see, during the games, Tom was captured sitting in the stands knitting. Apparently, it's a hobby he uses to wind down and relax between competing in events.

What's possibly even more adorable than Tom knitting is the things he has been creating. Little outfits for dogs!

Oh yes, you read right! Tom has been knitting sweet little clothes for man's best friend, and they're super cute!

"I made my friends some doggy jumpers!" Tom wrote on his Instagram.

via: Instagram/Tom Daley

"I was making another one at the pool yesterday lol."

Tom's creations are adorable, and he shares them on his Instagram account @madewithlovebytomdaley.