People Share Online Their Stories That Are Hard To Believe But Are Completely True

by Damjan

Each one of us had an unbelievable moment at some point in our lives. Still, unfortunately, most of us are not aware of that. Only when you get the chance to say it out loud, you can realize that it is actually amazing.  

A guy named Aidan Moher asked people to share their stories that may sound crazy but are true. And the people responded gladly.

We can find some real gems here, and although some of the stories are difficult to believe, we doubt it that people would actually lie about that. Right? Because people don’t lie. Ever. Read and enjoy.

You never know until you ask, right? A recent tweet from a guy named Aidan Moher brought all kinds of people out of the woodwork, and they shared crazy but true stories that happened to them in real life.

Let’s dive into the madness!

1. That is impressive.

2. This is even more impressive.

3. It must have been a great experience

4. Good company.

5. Well, she wanted evidence.

6. You know Yasmine and Pamela?

7. He is aware of the material quality and was afraid it couldn’t handle the pressure.

8. That is actually pretty scary.

9. That’s quite a story.

10. A true bad boy.

11. That is scary. But probably not so much when you are white.

12. All great accomplishments.

13. Serendipity.

14. Awesome, dude.