People On Twitter Are Helping Hockey Player Get A Date With Anna Kendrick After Not Making An Impressive Start

by Damjan

We all know that dating is hard, especially that first step. What to say, how to say it, what to do? Should I even try? We sometimes need a push.

If we have our friends to push us and back us up, things will be more comfortable. 

Anthony Beauvillier, a hockey player for the New York Islanders, wanted to get in touch with Anna Kendrick, Hollywood actress.

Luckily, this man didn’t have just his friends, but the whole Twitter community behind him, and they have backed him up in the wittiest way possible.

Scroll down and read this correspondence, we know you are going to enjoy it.

Anna Kendrick, Hollywood actress.

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a weekend in the country

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Anthony Beauvillier

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Playoffs baby!!!! Here we go 🕺🏼

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Beauvillier wanted to reach out to Kendrick on Twitter and received help from people all around the community. It is unlikely that he knows them all, but they are probably his friends now.

This is how Beauvillier tried to get Kendrick to notice him.

This is certainly not the most original introduction, but it is a start. Luckily, the cavalry came to the rescue. “Beau,” as hockey fans call him, got tremendous support. People started to post stories (maybe a little bit exaggerated) and compliments to help Beauvillier look better and get a date with Kendrick.

Remember the time he saved those kittens?

And when he gave his fan a kidney?

And that time he saved all those puppies? Too bad about the cup though… Or is it?

He was apparently even a surgeon for a while.

You have to admit, this guy is pretty amazing.

A great day indeed.

And it gets better. This one is precious.

Hey, isn't that Bruce Willis's job?

This guy wanted to beat the other praises. And mention that Beau has a yacht and a helicopter.

This man has such great friends. How can she not go out on a date with a guy like this? 

Anna Kendrick responded on Twitter.

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