15 Stories That Sound Fake But Are Completely True

by Damjan

Every one of us heard an unbelievable story or two in their lifetime. Whether it was at work, party, or school, they all have one thing in common – too many coincidences; they simply can't be true.

That kind of stuff simply doesn't happen to regular people. Or people we know. Well, it turns out that some of these stories are true.

A Twitter user named Aidan Moher asked people to share their unbelievable but completely true stories, and the responses were nothing short of amazing. We have selected some of the best stories, and we know you are going to enjoy them as much as we did.

1. Don’t mess with the Godfather

2. Scary coincidence

3. Wow, that must have been interesting.

4. He could not believe it.

5. One big circle.

6. Small world…

7. A ghost?

8. Actually, I think it’s me…

9. That is nice

10. This Tweet started it all:

11. Superstition? Really?

12. Talk about missed chances…

13. Running in circles.

14. Skeptical baby

15. Hi, Ni

16. Better dead than naked.