50 People Shared Situations When Mother Nature Made Them Go “Well, That Sucks”

by Damjan

We, humans, tend to think we are almighty and that we have the world at our feet, but Mother Nature occasionally puts us where we belong.

The truth is that we are just passersby in the planet’s long history, and we think that we are more important than we really are. And nature never misses a chance to show us that.

Here are the 50 of the most interesting weather misfortunes shared in the “Well, That Sucks” Reddit group. Take a look. With the progressing climate changes, the chances are we will be seeing a lot more of these posts.

1. "Puerto Rican Natural Wonder, Punta Ventana, Collapsed Today After An Earthquake"


2. "Guess He's Not Going Anywhere Till Summer"

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3. "Lamborghini Huracan Flooded Due To Rain In São Paulo. It Was Not Insured"


4. "I Was In New York For The First Time In My Life. My Wife And I Spent Almost 10 Hours On A Plane, Crossed The Atlantic Ocean And Flew 7,500 Kilometers. We Climbed The Top Of The Rock To Enjoy A View Of Central Park. We Had Only One Day In New York And This View Will Always Be With Us"


To get a better understanding of the weather, it's best to turn to experts. Rob Jones is a TV meteorologist and hurricane chaser. He also manages a TikTok channel where he regularly posts and explains interesting facts about climate anomalies.

Rob grew up in Florida, and the daily summertime thunderstorms and hurricane threats the region is prone got him interested in meteorology. "So it was only natural to attend the University of Miami (Hurricanes), study weather, and pursue a career in meteorology," he added.

Rob mentions Death Valley, California, or Antarctica as some of the most extreme weather regions. Still, generally, "people don't live in the places where the most extreme temperatures occur on earth," he said.

But, things are changing. "The temperature in places like the village of Lytton, British Columbia in Canada reached 49.6°C in June 2021 when the average high is closer to 25°C," he said and added that: "Some scientists have calculated that this is a one in 10,000-year heat event for that part of the world."


5. "It’s So Hot In Australia, Our Outdoor Lights Melted"


6. "That's My House"


Rob suggested that “a warming world may have been a factor in placing the right weather patterns in place to have such an extreme event in that location. Just think, Las Vegas, Nevada has never recorded a temperature that high!”

“When we talk about extreme weather, we think of hurricanes and tornadoes. The 2020 Atlantic Hurricane season was extremely active by a measure of the sheer number of storms but not the most active by other measures. There’s always more than one metric to look at when defining hurricanes since they are very complex beings.”

He continued: “The most intense land-falling hurricane of the season was Laura, which struck with 240 km/h winds. We tend to see more about this type of weather because of the incredible images. There were a total of 81 storm-related deaths from Laura, but imagine that the heatwave last month in British Columbia, Canada, probably had more fatalities with the Vancouver coroner indicating that there were more than 100 deaths suspected from the heat.”


7. "5 Days Ago My Parents And I Opened A New Takeout Restaurant. Today Hurricane Michael Destroyed It"


8. "Normal Day In Utah"


But Rob says that we shouldn’t jump to conclusions. “First, let me start off by explaining that one single extreme weather event cannot be definitively linked to climate change. "

"Weather refers to short-term atmospheric conditions, while climate is the average of the weather over a long period of time, such as the climatological standard of 30 years.”

He added that “while it might be tempting to use an extreme weather event to highlight climate change, it is not scientifically good practice (or accurate) to do so.”

9. "Main Water Valve Was Not Shut Off For The Winter In A Cabin"


10. "Unforeseen Weather"


11. "Yesterday Our Neighbor's 80' Locust Tree Gave Us Some Live Edge Sky Lights, A Great View Of The Stars, And That Rainforest Cafe Atmosphere That Our Living Room Had Just Always Been Missing. No Injuries, Dogs Pissed The Bed, Life Goes On"


12. "Lakefront Property During An Ice Storm"


13. "Just Bought Our Dream Home Less Than 2 Months Ago. Tonight I Watched It Burn To The Ground In A Massive Wildfire"


The meteorologist says that several reasons make us all believe that extreme weather is more frequent now.

“The first is that everyone has a camera with them at all times in order to capture intense images of extreme weather. The second reason is that we disseminate information more and more widely every day through traditional media, new media, and social media.”

“Yet another reason we capture more frequent extreme weather is because we are building large cities in places that experience extreme weather events like hurricanes, for example. Miami had a population of 300 people 125 years ago, and now it encompasses a megalopolis of over 6,000,000 people. Wouldn’t more people experience hurricanes if we build large cities in a hurricane zone?”

Rob explained: "We build homes in river flood plains, construct dams, levies, and other unnatural barriers in locations that are naturally meant to flood. Sometimes 'human nature is no match for Mother Nature, and she reclaims what is rightfully hers. Of course, the final reason is that we may very well be seeing more frequent and more extreme Weather, but the cumulative observational evidence is not yet clear."

"Climate is a long-term average of the weather, and we simply need more data on a multidecadal time scale," the meteorologist added. "Climate scientists still expect that as our world continues to warm, we will experience more extreme weather… sometimes more extreme in intensity, sometimes more extreme in frequency, and sometimes both."

Rob concluded that "Weather is our world's way of redistributing solar energy trapped inside of our atmosphere. The more energy that is trapped by rising levels of greenhouse gases, the more redistribution our atmosphere needs to do in order to try and reach equilibrium."


21. "Hurricane Mitch Rendered The Choluteca Bridge (Honduras) Useless After It Changed The Course Of The River It Was Built For"


15." It Has Been Some Bad Weather In Norway Lately"


16. "In Ten Seconds I'm Going To Discover The Value Of Lifejackets And Renter's Insurance"


17. "My Boss Told Me To Atleaste Try Shoveling Out And Come In Today. Saskatoon Sk, Canada (Red Car Is Mine)"


18. "When You Live In Svalbard, Norway And Forget To Close The Window To The Home Office"

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19. "It Was A Hot Day In Tallahassee"


20. "I Guess You Shouldn’t Put Glass Windows Over Grass When It’s 22 Degrees Celsius"


21. "Woke Up At 230am To Make A 2 Hour Drive Up 10000 Feet To See The Sunrise Atop Haleakala. Have You Ever Seen Such Beauty?"

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22. "My Backyard After The Gender Reveal Party On Saturday"

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23. "Don’t Leave Your Kayak Out In The Sun"


24. "At Least He Got What He Asked"

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25. "If You Thought Smoking At A Gas Pump Was Bad"


26. "When The Earthquake Hits At The Wrong Time"


27. "Gift From Mother Nature"


28. "Hail Damage To Sun Roof"


29. "Parked My Jeep Under The Porch To Keep It Out Of The Weather"


30. "My Mailbox Was Blown Up By Lightning Last Night"


31. "Weather Patterns Don't Care What Kind Of Car You Drive"


32. "Maybe A Bit Too Much Rain"


33. “20% Chance” Of Rain Overnight"

33. “20% Chance” Of Rain Overnight

34. "Got A Little Bit Of Rain In The Backyard. Husband For Scale. Note: We Don’t Usually Have A Lake In The Yard"


35. "Tried Going To Visit My Boyfriend On My Day Off, Had To Turn Around Because The Fires Apparently Opened A Portal To Hell"


36. "This Tree Was Uprooted In A Storm Last Night That Destroyed The Mans Garage And Two Of Us Vintage Cars"


37. "My Brothers Cabin (Which Is Now His Home In The Midst Of A Nasty Divorce) In Northern Ca. Took Him 5 Miles On A Snow Mobile To Find This After Leaving Town For A Week"


38. "A Storm Came Through. The Plastic Furniture Barely Moved But The Grill Blew 30 Ft Into The Pool"


39. "Forgetting To Roll Up The Window All The Way"


40. "It Might Rain Today, I Think I'll Take My Umbrella Out."... That Went Well!


41. "What It's Like Escaping The Fires In Oregon. They Lived A Mile Away From Blue River, Oregon"


42. "Spent 5 Hours Getting Chemotherapy This Morning, Came Home Feeling Like Crap. Laid Down To Nap... Alarms And Sirens Start Blasting. Rush 5 Cats To The Basement And Prep Shelter. Go Outside To See This In My Subdivision"


43. "110+ Mph Derecho Winds Impale House With Lawn Chair, Iowa 8/10"


44. "Summers In England"


45. "It's Just A Little Ice, It's Fine"


46. "Its Cold Outside"

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47. "For Sale!! 2001 Honda Civic, Great Condition (I Hope)"


48. "When It Snows Before The Leaves Fall Off"


49. "Getting Away From An Erupting Volcano Today"


50. "I Wore Shorts To Work Last Night Because It Was 75 Degrees Out, This Is What It Looked Like Outside This Morning After My Shift"