Woman Reports Teenager Using Her Dad’s Credit Card To The Cashier, And Faces The Wrath Of The Internet

by Damjan

We don’t know what the OP is called, but let’s call her Karen.

While shopping with her husband at Bloomingdale’s, she overheard two girls talking, and one of them said to her friend that she could buy an expensive pair of boots she saw because she had her dad’s card with her.

At the checkout (entirely accidentally), OP found herself behind those girls. And after she (totally unintentionally) saw that the total is over $1000, she just couldn’t keep quiet, and she told the cashier the card belongs to the girl’s dad.

Knowing that the girl is not the card owner, the cashier couldn’t let her use the card, no matter that the girl insisted she had her dad’s permission and that he wants the points.

The girl was near tears, angry, and used her own card…

The (OP) appears surprised that the cashier and her hubby both believed she acted wrong.

She will be even more surprised when she finds out that the absolute majority of the people on the subreddit Am I The A**hole think that she most likely is.

People are unanimous: Karen should mind her own business.

It appears that the verdict is: YTA (Your the A**hole)

Is other people’s business my business and why not?


Many people are asking if she would tell on the girl if the amount was much lower? Was she, in fact, jealous?

It is hard not to agree with the majority. Nobody likes people that stick their noses in other people’s business.

What do you think, was she right or wrong?