Women Share What They Do To Try And Feel Safe In Public And Almost Every Woman Agrees

by Rachel

Recently the headlines have been full of distressing and upsetting content--perhaps even more so than usual. With the death of Sarah Everard, as she was walking home, the news is full of stories of sexual harassment, and how unsafe the world can be for women.

Women all over the world are saying that enough is enough. We are pointing out how the responsibility of keeping ourselves safe has been placed on us, not on the men around us.

Over on Twitter, these women have been sharing the things that they do, subconsciously, and out of habit, in order to try and, well, not get murdered by a man for simply living their life.

While men are saying #notallmen, women are retailing with the fact that all women do these:

There has never been a bigger sigh of relief than when you get home safe after noticing a scary looking man.

The fact that so many women were able to join into the thread shows how many tactics women have developed merely to try and stay safe

Got a crick in my neck from checking my surroundings so hard!

Always! Wait! Until! They're! Inside!

Having to scream "fire" because people are more likely to respond to it is deeply upsetting.

Being the only woman on public transport feels dystopian and terrifying.

Footsteps are a very scary sound.

The line between "being nice so he won't attack me for being rude" and "being rude so he goes away but might attack me for being rude" is paper thin.

All of these are done "just in case" because the alternative is so much worse.

"Text me when you get home!"

The worst part is that they are so normal that you forget that they shouldn't be.

The people men are scared of though? Probably also men.

If you are only bringing up men's problems to diminish those faced by women maybe reconsider your priorities.

Shout out to women: when existence shouldn't be this hard.

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