10 Tweets That Illustrate In Hilarious Fashion How We All Really Feel About 2020

by Ariana

2020 has been absolutely nothing like I expected. I went into it thinking I'd be going to Europe for my 30th birthday in June, America and Mexico for Christmas, and that I'd be a bridesmaid in two weddings.

What did I actually do? Well, I sat at home for 3 months, spent my 30th birthday with a small socially distanced group of friends, had both weddings cancelled and instead organised my pantry and took up some crafting hobbies.

It's just been a total mess, and people aren't afraid to share their sentiments regarding 2020 online. Below are some of the best tweets that capture the true crappy essence of 2020.

Check them out!

I'm here for it!

Bring on the Christmas decorations!

I barely remember it!


I scream inside my heart, A LOT!

Bowing is an option.

Who hurt you?



What a beautiful pastime!