28 Hilarious Tweets By Cool Moms Who Are Serving Up Parenting-Realness Jokes

by Ariana

Moms have a lot on their plate. In most households they're the chef, the secretary, the cleaner, the teacher (especially during Covid!) the nurse, the psychologist, the taxi driver, the referee... and the list goes on and on.

With all of this on their plate, plus in many instances still having to go to a job they actually get paid to do, you'd think moms don't have too much time to make jokes. Well, if you thought that, you're wrong!

Moms can seriously do it all. They are funny and they aren't afraid to share their humor and 'mom-isms' on social media.

Check out these 28 hilarious mom-tweets by some of the funniest mommas on the world wide web!

Think of the silver linings.

They're more reason for living... dangerously!

Those were the days!

Yes, but we asked for a metaphor.

You just can't.


Perfect option. Who needs a gym.

Best jail ever!

Annnnnnnd we're done.

That's exactly it.

I chose dying from saliva every damn time!

By the FIST FUL!

Mimosa juice is adults only.


Mine too!!!

Equally as loud and crazy.

Bang on!


Hey I requested an aisle at the front and my baby wants a window seat at the back!

Love springtime!

Exactly this. Or when they open the door while you're on the toilet!

He will adore it.

Get her a massage voucher.


So embarrassing!

Makes sense...

This is EXACTLY it.