These Non-Americans Have Asked Some Very Valid Questions About How Confusing America Seems And We Demand Answers

by Rachel

As North America has a massive media industry, from movies to television, the rest of the world is often left passively absorbing American culture through our media consumption. But, sometimes after watching a movie set in a high school, we’re left wondering if that is an accurate representation of reality.

If you’re American, you might not even think that some of these things are strange. But for the rest of the world, it is kind of weird to think that the TV shows we watch might actually be showing real elements of your lives.

And let’s note, all these questions are just about little everyday things--don’t even get us started on the questions we have about your politics! 

1. Is it the same this as hot chocolate?

2. Question:

3. I mean they're okay...

4. Very strange

5. I hope they do it looks like fun

6. This is lame

7. What does it teach you?

8. I'm glad some parts of movies are accurate

9. Do Americans seriously dip pizza?

10. Constantly?

11. I mean I guess the jam counteracts the chewiness of the peanut butter?

12. Yeah what the hell do these things do?

13. Do they lock?

14. It's basically just peanut butter then?

15. This seems like it would be stressful

16. Is lab partner synonymous with "person you sit next to"?

17. Can't decide if this makes it easier or harder?

18. Ew... I mean aside from anything else it'd be hot

19. This would just be way too awkward!!!

20. Guys, please, just take them off


22. WHY

23. Gross

24. Do they just think kids won't come back???

25. In conclusion: really, America? Are y'all okay?

Fellow non-Americans, please leave any additional questions in the comments!

And, Americans, please put us out of our misery and tell us the truth!