15 "Anti-Matt" Tweets For Anyone Who’s Ever Had A Bad Matt Experience

by Stephanie

According to the Twitter-verse, if your name is Matt, you owe us all a huge apology. It's okay, we'll wait...

But seriously, there are an infinite amount of Tweets circulating that all seem to be on some kind of an anti-Matt crusade. So, Matt's of the universe I put it to you, what have you done? How bad could you possibly be to deserve this?

From suggesting that anyone who has ever dated a Matt should be entitled to compensation to coming up with the idea that welcome mats should be replaced with guys named Matt who lay down and say "Welcome," whenever someone walks by; we have 15 of the harshest "anti-Matt" Tweets getting around below.

Scroll down to take a look!

#1 Okay?

#2 There's something different about this one.

#3 That's very specific.

#4 “If you don’t work out, we won’t work out.”

#5 You maybe entitled to compensation.

#6 An interesting decade.

#7 They were all named Matt.

#8 Fact.

#9 ...and 2 guys named Matt.

#10 Hmmm.

#11 It's a problem.

#12 Fair point.

#13 A noble purpose.

#14 Worthy of a formal complaint.

#15 Welcome "Matts."