12 Perfect Burns and Comebacks That Lit The Internet On Fire

by Ariana

There's nothing more fiery than a red-hot fierce come-back. Delivering the perfectly timed burn, at the perfect moment (with an appreciative audience) can leave you flying HIGH!

The thing is, in this day and age, amidst the Corona Virus pandemic, we aren't socialising as much with large groups as we would like to, so now we are seeing a lot more of these comebacks and burns occurring online. The pandemic, combined with the 2020 Presidential Election in the US is also providing a fantastic platform for people sharing their opinions and leaving themselves open to be seriously burned.

The best thing about an online snap-back? Screenshots live forever!

Check out some of our faves below!

Or... that's just how I put my phone down?

Ain't no right way from r/MurderedByWords


Taken to school. from r/MurderedByWords

Boom! Aunty Peggy coming in with the save!

Pour one out for Aunt Peggy from r/trashy

Offended by his own suggestion page...

Ironic that this happened on this sub from r/MurderedByWords

Smart AND delicious!

Wendy’s is at it again from r/MurderedByWords

My second favorite Colonel!

Now sit your ass down, Stefan. from r/MurderedByWords

THIS is the money shot!

Holy hell! Call the morgue from r/MurderedByWords

If it's ok for them!

Murdered nice mask wearing from r/MurderedByWords

Surprise, she's not trying to impress you!

Imagine that from r/MurderedByWords