Building Company Owner Tries To Bully One Of His Contractors But Ends Up Pleading Him To Come Back

by Damjan

People in the construction industry have it rough. And the contractors are no exception. They have to coordinate with designers, architects, and craftsmen to get the only acceptable result- a perfect building.

On top of all that hard work, sometimes they have to deal with hot-headed bosses and people in suits who know nothing about construction. Still, they are the building company owners, and they think they are almighty.

One such “as told” thread on Reddit got a lot of attention- it had several updates and even a separate thread. It’s a story of a contractor who didn’t want to put up with his employer’s bullying, so he left.

To be more exact -he was fired… Which happened to be a huge mistake because he was one of just 20 or so people in the UK who are licensed to do special construction work on listed buildings.

This should be a textbook on how not to conduct business. And be a human being.

Update: "Do you know who I am" backfires on business owner from r/IDontWorkHereLady

Our OP was committed enough to keep informing the readers even after night out.

This gave us all one more interesting thread. Unfortunately, the OP had a car accident, and his wife posted information about his condition.

Update Ten (Seriously TEN) to "Do you know who I am" backfires on business owner from r/IDontWorkHereLady

The OP’s name slipped into the updates, and now we know several things about him: his name is Mark, he is a funny guy, and he loves to tell stories. Most important- he is a kind and humble man, so he asked people to donate to charity instead of contributing to his medical expenses.

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