Reddit Users Share Things That Exist Solely Because Of Stupid People

by Damjan

The companies are trying to protect themselves from legal actions by placing all sorts of precautions and warning signs on absolutely everything. Occasionally we run into rules or warnings that seem so obvious that we wonder why they even need to be stated.

Maybe they are there for legal purposes, and perhaps because at some point someone made a very, very dumb decision. Whatever the reason may be, they are hilarious. And they really make us want to meet people who inspired those rules and precautions.

AskReddit users shared things that exist solely because of dumb people. We have compiled a list of the best ones, and we are hoping that Mars colonization will start soon.

1. Did you know that cremation is irreversible?

“When my aunt died I ended up with my mom and uncle talking to the funeral home advisor.
When they were discussing cremation, the funeral advisor made my uncle sign a form indicating he understands cremation is irreversible.”

– cineboo


2. Surprisingly, it is…

“When I was arranging for my mother’s cremation, both my sister and I had to sign the paperwork saying we agreed and understand it’s irreversible.
Apparently there have been numerous cases where one family member authorized a cremation and then afterwards, other family members got upset and wanted it undone.”

– ReadontheCrapper


3. What? I am returning mine to the store right now.

“The warning on a Superman cape costume that warns product won’t give you the ability to fly.”

– blindgirlandherguide


4. I never do.

“Do not iron this t-shirt whilst wearing it.”

– Fires_Of_Fury

5. Yeah, it’s kind of hard to fold them with kids inside — too much squeaking noises and crying.

“The signs on a stroller that says take the child out of the seat before folding.”

– immickolas


6. Some people need to be reminded.

“‘DO NOT EAT’ warnings on everything from washing pods to slug pellets.”

– LucyVialli


7. But it’s so tempting…

“I went to a zoo, and in every animal exhibit there was a sign saying ‘Recycled water, do not drink.’
And you know that’s there for a reason.
Some stupid person broke into an exhibit to drink that nasty looking water.”

– 2lugz


8. Some people shouldn’t be allowed to own a computer.

“My job! – I work in IT. For the love of God if you depend on your computer for your job know at least a little about it. I would say that over 80% are for silly things. Some of the calls I have taken:
How do I keep my self from deleting my own files?
What do you mean you can not fix my broke laptop screen remotely?
I am not trying to connect to the internet, I am just trying to get my email.”

– tectuma


9. The root of all evil

“Anything an infomercial tries to sell you.”

– TheBlessedBoy99


10. They’ve learned their lesson.

“When I was in middle school my friends and I (like 15 12-year-old girls) basically took over a mall.
We were pretty rowdy and obnoxious. I know a few people shoplifted (not me lol), one of us threw up in the food court, and we mobbed a minor celebrity.
Now that mall splits up groups of larger than 3 kids. Oops. Sorry.”

– KTnash


11. You should just let them drink. It will clean the gene pool a little bit.

“At my workplace, there are giant containers of soap and cleaning chemicals.
On the cart, there is a giant sign that reads ‘Do NOT drink’ in three languages, all hand written.
Apparently, before the sign was put up, three separate instances were found where the cleaning cart was unattended, and an employee tried to drink the yellow cleaning solution, thinking it was a drink cart.
Let me add the fact that the cart also has a sign on it that says ‘Cleaning Supply Cart.'”

– Aarryle

12. Do not, under any circumstances, eat your pillow.

“The tag on my pillow that says ‘Do Not Consume.’ Why is this an issue?”

– FaetFelicis


13. It’s easier that way. And probably less painful.

“Former Pharmacy Tech here.
I was shocked that we had to put ‘unwrap’ and insert on the label for suppository prescriptions.
Alrighty, then.”

– Daffydil04

After going through all of these posts, we cannot but wonder how humankind survived for this long? Someone up there sure likes us a lot.