People Share Some Epic Fails, And They Are All Unbelievably Funny

by Damjan

Here you are, doing your business the best you can, but something goes wrong. Terribly. It happens all the time, everywhere, but before the internet, we didn’t know just how often.

Well, thanks to the magic of the internet, we have collected some of the funniest epic fails posted online, and they are all worth seeing.

You can feel sorry for them, or you can do what we do- laugh our heads off until something like this happens to us.

Also, there is a possibility of learning from other people’s mistakes, but who on earth would want to do that? We chose to laugh.

1. That was unfortunate.

2. I think It is scientifically proven that those pictures can’t be recreated.

3. Next time he will get it right.

4. Really?

5. The mission was a great success.

6. That didn’t go as planned.

8. Someone actually did it.

9. If that doesn’t show real class, I don’t know what does.

10. Sorry, mom.

11. Just say no.

12. Marriage material.