People Are Sharing Hilarious Photos Of Their New "Co-Workers" Since They're Working From Home

by Elana

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread in unprecedented and quite frankly horrifying numbers, more and more people are moving to social distancing, quarantine, and isolation. Jobs that can be done remotely from the comfort and safety of one's home have moved there and while we sing the praises of those who simply cannot stay home, the stir-crazy, cabin-fever crowd has found unique ways to keep up their spirits.

One such way? Sharing musings about life with their new "co-workers," AKA their pets. The furry, the fluffy, the feathery and scaly... it has surprisingly turned out that our new co-workers might actually be significantly more annoying than their homo-sapiens counterparts in the non-living-room part of our world.

1. "Fine, Take Over My Meeting. They Like You Better, Anyway!! 🤣🤣"

The people cried out, "show us the cat!"

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2. "Someone To Watch Over Me"

It was necessary that the whole team come and make sure you stay on task.

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3. "The New Girl In The Office Is A Little Weird"

To say the least.

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4. "This Is My Co-Worker Shilo Trying To Get My Attention. He Puts His Rings On His Head Like This When He Wants Me To Play With Him"

He looks two seconds from fed up that you won't play with him so play with him!

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5. "Petunia Is Mad I Stopped Petting Her To Try To Join A Skype Meeting"

How dare you though?

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6. "My Coworker Never Forgets To Heal Me Up"

He's a good kid.

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7. "You Wanna Go Working Hoomam? Nah, Stay Here"

Temptation has it's alluring powers, indeed.

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8. "When Your Co-Worker Just Wants The Cupboard Opened So They Can Eat All Your Apocalypse Snacks!"


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9. "Oh, Hooman’s Having A Call? I Sings For His Colleagues!"

The song of "this was supposed to be my alone time," is a rowdy one.


10. "My Co-Worker Has Mastered His Supervisory Stare"

It's very motivating.

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11. "My Co-Workers Told Me That They Both Worked The Night Shift, So I'll Have To Run The Office Alone During The Day."

They're exhausted.

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12. "Sheldon The Motivator"

Hm, yes, very motivating!

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13. "My Coworker Does Not Understand Social Distancing"

Not even a little bit.

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14. "When You Work From Home And Your Manager Wants A Word With You"

He looks like he tells really awkward dad jokes that people force laughter at.


15. "My Colleague Isn't Very Eager To Work Today"

Perk up, buttercup.

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16. "Proving His Belly Rub Is More Important Than My Meeting..."

I mean... he's not wrong.

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17. "Lola Is Big On Sharing The Office Space"

She is going to poo in your shoe, definitely.

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18. "My Coworker Makes Sure I Don't Forget To Take Regular Breaks"

It's good mental health, hooman.

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19. "Just Finished Biting The Power Cord On The Home Laptop."

Doin' a chomp.

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20. "Turned Away From My Desk To See My Coworker Rolling Around On The Floor For Attention"

Well this is just irresistible.

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21. "New Home Office Co-Worker With Boundary Issues"


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22. "When The IT Department Is Less Than Helpful..."

You seem to have a mega-bite problem.

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23. "When You Coworker Steals Your Coffee"

Very rude. I'm 90% sure you do not need the caffeine as much as I do.

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24. "What To Do When You Catch Your Co-Worker Sleeping?"


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25. "What Are Your Job Qualifications?"

The interview went well, if you were wondering. (I know you were.)

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26. "My Coworkers Didn't Invite Me To The Meeting."

On Wednesdays, they wear pink.

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27. "Coffee First, Then Meeting"

Priorities are important at a time like this.

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28. "Not Interested In Growing The Economy"

Sleepin' on the job.

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29. "Sparkie’s Falling Asleep During File Format Conf Call"

I guess it's a boring call.

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30. "My Coworker Helps Me Draw By Trying To Eat The Tablet Pen"

"Helps" is a strong word. It's the right word, but it's a strong word.

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