Parents Tweet Seriously Weird, Funny and Relatable Things Their Kids Have Done

by Ariana

If you've got kids you know they can be super annoying, an absolute handful and have the ability to suck the fun and enjoyment out of just about ANYTHING.... but they can also be awesome!

Some of the hardest times I've laughed have been because of things my daughter has said. She is 4 and she is probably the funniest person I know. PERIOD.

Below are parents tweeting the funny, weird and down-right relatable things their kids have both said and done. If you've got kids, this will all make total sense...

If you don't have kids... you'll be confused. If you're TRYING to have kids, this may make you re-think everything.


"please don't lick her!"

"I'd like some pancakes."

Well... come to think of it... yes.

Yet here we are.

"Life after Lice" is my favourite.

She had no clue.

Best version.

Well.. I can think of one reason why.

This is so true.

Tiny dictator.

Sleep well!