Funny Text Interactions You Could Potentially Enjoy

by Ayoub

Knowing how to engage in interesting conversations requires a lot of skill, it's definitely not something all people know how to do. There's nothing worse than a dry conversation that one of the involved parties has to keep carrying in order to save it from completely dying.

If both people aren't equally interested, the conversation will eventually get so boring that neither one of them will even bother to save it.

That's why it's always so refreshing to find someone that you can talk to naturally without having to put that much effort. The people in the posts below managed to create some funny interactions that are honesty quite entertaining.

1. Funny Wife, Happy Life

2. She waited for the perfect moment

3. Imagine being this clueless

4. Her life is about to change

5. He gave her a mini heart attack

6. Everything has a price

7. Sometimes you gotta shoot your shot

8. Dad jokes are the absolute best

9. Now that it's on the internet, more people are going to start using it

10. You can in fact be Rich and poor at the same time

11. No need to worry buddy