These Pics Will Show You A Side Of The George Floyd Protests That Mainstream Media Deliberately Left Out

by Ayoub

The media is known for manipulating the news and over-exaggerating things, they always show one side of the argument and deliberately choose to focus on the negative. They give you the impression that they aren't picking a side but present things in a way that completely implies otherwise.

Not showing both sides of any particular issue will always lead to misinformation and manipulation, and it really shows how dedicated some people are to misleading people and brainwashing them.

The pictures below show you the side that the mainstream media intentionally chose to ignore. After you see the whole picture, you're free to make your own conclusions.

1. "A Group Of Black People Protecting A Cop Who Got Separated From The Others"


2. "A Veteran Protesting His Government After Fighting For It Shows The United Fight For Equality"


3. "A Protester And A Police Officer Today In Fargo. This Is What Solidarity Looks Like"


4. "Portland, Oregon. Police Demonstrating And Trying To Show They Hear And Understand The Frustration."


5. "From The Raleigh Protest"


6. "It’s Not White vs. Black, Rich vs. Poor, Police vs.’s Everyone vs. Racists"


7. "My 6yr Old Daughter, She Sees Whats On The News, We Explained What Happened To George Floyd And She Was Mortified. Today She Made A Sign And Is Doing Her Own Peaceful Protest In Our Front Yard. I Am So Proud!"


8. "George Floyd - Philadelphia Protest Today"


9. "We’re Stronger Together"


10. "This Man Has Been Standing Alone In Our Town Square For The Past Few Days, Gods Bless His Courage"


11. The part the media won't show you

11. The part the media won't show you

12. The Amish standing by Goerge Floyd

12. The Amish standing by Goerge Floyd

13. Even the cops joined in

13. Even the cops joined in
via: dyllyp

14. "Santa Cruz Police Chief Taking A Knee With Peaceful Protesters During A Demonstration In Santa Cruz, Ca"


15. "Danish Sympathy March For George Floyd. ~10.000 People Marching Peacefully Through Copenhagen."


16. "You matter to me"


17. "This Is Also Happening In Minneapolis"


18. "A Group Of People Forming A Human Barricade And Protecting The Store To Prevent People From Looting"


19. Police captain taking a knee

19. Police captain taking a knee

20. "Modist Brewing In Minneapolis"


21. "Where Are The News Vans Now?"


22. "Police In Muskegon, Mi Showing Their Support For Protesters Outside Of The County Courthouse Today."


23. "It’s Not Black vs. White People, It Is Everyone vs. Racists"


24. "Protesters Gathering In Front Of The Us Embassy In Berlin, Germany Today. We Stand With You"


25. "The Police Taking A Knee With Protesters In Miami, Florida"


26. "A Friend Of Mine In Minnesota. Stay Safe, Everyone. Except You, Tony."


27. "5/31/20 Washington Dc. 'What The Media Doesn’t Show'"


28. "Protesters Spray Painted All Over This Monument Last Night. We Were All Trying To Scrub It Off When This Guy Showed Up With A Powerwasher."


29. Standing in solidarity

29. Standing in solidarity

30. The lawers also decided to join in

30. The lawers also decided to join in

31. "Police In Downtown Portland Are Kneeling In Front Of Protesters"


32. "There Is Hope"