Domino's PR Stunt To Celebrate "Good Karens" By Giving Them Free Pizza Backfires Brutally

by Ayoub

2020 has unexpectedly turned into one the worst years in quite a long time, it started with Australia's burning hellfire, then we had to fight against systemic racism and now the whole world is pretty much on the brink of economic collapse. Due to all of this, it has become pretty obvious that we have a lot on our hands and we need a lot of time to recover from all of this.

Most people are trying to make the best out of this situation and are cooperating as much as they could until we finally triumph against these unfortunate circumstances. However, there's a certain category of people that were given the name "Karens" that don't seem to understand that we're living in exceptional times and that we're all equally suffering because of what's happening. 

Karens are pretty much the worst thing to ever happen to this planet in quite a long time.


Domino's somehow decided to celebrate "all the great Karens out there by shouting them a free pizza!”

Domino's somehow decided to celebrate
via: Domino's

An incident in Victoria this week is the reason behind this announcement after an Australia woman, who was dubbed a "Karen," refused to wear a mask and was recorded harassing Bunnings staff.

Several people started calling out Domino's for jumping on a trend for PR sake and the backlash was brutal.

Twitter user @AlanahParkin pointed out how Domino's ignored so many important movement and decided to focus on Karens instead.

This user also also pointed out how most "Karens" are privileged white women who never faced oppression in their lives.

An actual Karen even expressed her distaste for this failed stunt

Domino's replied to this tweet by saying:

"We do give hundreds of thousands of pizzas to key groups of people who need it, including our feeding the frontline activity which sees us donate thousands of pizzas to the hospitals, medical workers, and the homeless."

Domino's New Zealand publicly apologized on Facebook following the backlash:

As of now, nothing has been posted yet to Domino's Australia page.