15 People Share What Happened To Their High School Bullies Once They Grew Up

by Ariana

Have you ever been to a high school reunion? If you haven't, I have to assume it's because you're too young to have been invited to one, because honestly, there is no experience more validating than walking into your 10 year and seeing how poorly the people who made your life hell are fairing.

I wasn't bullied, but I definitely was surrounded by people who made me miserable. Most of them now are seriously sucking.

There was the guy everyone thought would go pro at football who is now selling secondhand cars. He was also SEVERELY balding for a man of 27 who used to be a total fox.

Then there's the girls. I don't want to tear anyone down too badly, so let's just say they'd aged - horribly. Most were still single and very, very desperately looking not to be.

I still looked pretty much the same as I did back in school. I got a spray tan, curled my hair and walked in their with a big diamond on my finger and a double-degree under my belt.

A little superficial... sure. Did I care? Not one bit.

It just felt great to see where everyone ended up, especially the bullies. If this story appeals to you, then check out these tweets below, because people are not holding back about where their high school bullies ended up!

@thetzechun posed the question to Twitter users:

Tables were turned... but let's get to the juicy stuff!

Ouch! It's not always true that they peak in high school.

Yeah... please elaborate.

Just a casual story...

Are we shocked?

It's sad there were so many...

Ageing better than people you hate always feels good.

Pure bliss.

Dang they both look tanned and hot.

Careful what you wish for?

Oh yeah... this happens.


This tracks.

Not shocked.

Girl. You win!