14 People Share Their Funniest, Craziest and Cringe High School Memories

by Ariana

They say high school is the best years of your life, and while it didn't always feel that way when I was there, I look back now very fondly. The parties, the mischief, the absence of responsibility... kinda blissful!

What I look back on most fondly however, is how much fun we had. We would laugh and laugh at the same personal jokes that would last not weeks or months, but years!

When I spend time with my high school friends (which I still have at 30) we snap-back to the people we were when we all first met at 13, and honestly it's always so much fun to relive the memories. Below are 14 hilarious high school memories that people are sharing with the whole internet.

Get ready to laugh you way through!

An icon!

So artsy!

That's showbiz!

We remember, Jackie!

Twerk my ass... love it.

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It all comes out in the wash!


Dang! That's commitment!

Do you know who I am?!!

That's sibling life, baby!

Food shamed at school.