Absolutely Ruthless Comebacks By Harry Potter Author J.K.Rowling

by Ayoub

Twitter beef is the real deal, people come prepared and ready to fire back at any given moment. These interactions are such a crucial part of the Twitter experience, you will see people spend hours debating people on uninteresting topics.

The worst part about this is when some wannabe comedian tries to roast or debate actual comedians and they end up getting obliterated into oblivion.

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling is also part of the Twitter community and when necessary, she does a great job delivering some ruthless comebacks. She's on fire and none of these trolls can ever stop her.

1. Oh snap

2. Try harder honey

3. You'd better hope there's no hell

4. Burrrrnnnnn!

5. Oh boy, he will be thinking about that for a long time

6. Unless you can get a refund, she pretty much won

7. You don't have to expose yourself like that dude

8. Great Idea!

9. Wait, this can't be true

10. Her little Neville all grown up

11. It's a gigantic high horse

12. Ancient Tumblr knowledge confirmed

13. You've basically won life

14. You'll get it eventually

15. She is ruthless