Pictures That Prove Kids Sometimes Cry For The Silliest Reasons

by Rachel

Adult humans cry for a variety of reasons. Often extreme feelings of happiness or sadness cause us to burst into tears. Kids, however, are different. They cry. A lot. Constantly, it seems. Often, they cry because they’re overtired or hungry—which can be solved with a quick nap and a snack. (In my opinion, crying when you’re tired or hungry is totally reasonable!)

But to those of us that understand object permanence, the correct disposal of bodily fluids, and which poisonous household chemicals shouldn’t be consumed; the reasons that children throw tantrums may seem ridiculous. To them, though, their parents are just getting in the way of their dreams. 

"Why don't your shoes fit me, Mom?"

When you find out it isn't Friday yet but you're trying to make plans.

"I can't take off my pants"

"Why won't you let me pull my chair over on top of myself?"

"What do you mean I've run out of toes to paint?"

"How dare you give me the cup I asked for?"

When you're not allowed to bite the cat

"Please let me drink the bleach under the sink"

"All I wanted to do was go inside the dishwasher"

"I'm sorry for dropping a stool on your toe, Mom"

"Bring back the daffodils, Mom"

"I didn't ask for that pink marker, I wanted THAT one"

When your kid finds out you've been lying about the colour of the Golden Gate Bridge.

"I'm not allowed to have a bath even though I just got out of one"

When the bus on the TV won't let you get on

"Dad touched my balloon"

Whos idea was it to go down the slide?

"How dare you forget my imaginary cycling backpack?"

"I just wanted to throw books at your face"

"Why did my poo get flushed before I could say goodbye?"

"Mom squished a bug in the laundry. It was my BFF"

"What do you mean I'm not old enough for women's razors??"

"Get the fuzz off of my leg!!"

"No, don't buy me a kite you monster"

"I can't believe you bought a new microwave without consulting me"

"Remind me why I asked for this exact cake again?"

In fairness, I cry when I drop pasta

"Put back the nails you just cut off"

"Just let me eat the trash!!"

When mom won't let you hold your poop...

"Don't take away my sticker!"

"Let me run on the road, Mom!"

Not being allowed to play with a toy during storytime at the library

"Dad wouldn't let me swim in the freezing water"

"I only wanted two M&M's, why would you only give me two?"

"When your new cheese stick isn't the one you want because you already ate the desired one''

"Why won't you give me a bowl of batteries for breakfast?"

"Don't let me go onto the splash pad Mom"