Women Think Strange Man Is 'ManSplaining' The Plot Of 'Men In Black' To Them But He Actually Wrote The Film

by Ariana

If you're a woman, you've likely at some point, been 'mansplained' to. Urban Dictionary describes 'mansplaining' as, "When a man explains something to a woman in a patronizing tone as if the woman is too emotional and illogical to understand."

Personally, I HAVE had it happen and I can't stand it. I am university educated and I don't appreciate someone talking down to me, but I am quick to point out that this is not a trait that ALL men possess. It's a niche thing belonging to a group of morons and the sooner it stops, the better.

All guys DO NOT do this and simply correcting someone shouldn't be taken as 'mansplaining'. Recently, the writer of the 2000 smash-hit, 'Men In Black', Ed Solomon, was sitting in a cafe working when he overheard some women discussing his movie.

He decided to clear up any issues they had with the plot, when he was accused of 'mansplaining'. He tweeted the conversation below - and it's pretty funny. Check it out!

Ed began...

Unfortunately people don't usually recognize film writers. He explains it wasn't the FIRST thing he said....

and went on to clarify...

It all ended ok - actually, it has a very happy ending!

This is true