These Women Have Shared Their Best Mansplaining Stories That Had Them Laughing

by Rachel

If you are a woman, chances are you will be all too familiar with the concept of "mansplaining." But, for those who are unaware, mansplaining is when a man explains something unnecessary to a woman.

Chances are, the man will choose to explain something obvious, or something that the woman is already an expert in, or has greater experience with. Basically, mansplaining is an annoyance that many of us can do without.

While, at times, mansplaining is annoying and rude, sometimes it has the bonus of being funny. This does not make it okay, just to be clear, but here are some occasions when mansplaining may bring a smile to a worn-down woman's face.

A much better term, tbh.

Ah, yes, another famed phrase...

Very cool!

This is hilarious and I have no further comment.


I can feel this woman's annoyance...

Of all the things to mansplain...

I would've done it

The audacity!

Thanks but I have a degree in this x

Data and AI gender bias is actually a very alarming problem.

And no one is listening

I relate on a spiritual level


No one has more confidence than a man who doesn't know what he is talking about

Who needs lived experiences?

I mean... fair.

Wherever you go, there will always be a man ready to explain things to you

Maybe, one man?


Thanks, man

Cool, cool


Love when this happens!

It's fun, right? Share you best, or worst, experience with mansplaining in the comments below so we can roll our eyes together.