14 Relatable AF Tweets About What It's Like Raising Multiple Children

by Ariana

Having a baby is a life-changing experience, but you know what's even more life-changing? Having subsequent babies after your first!

At some point in the life of your bouncing bungle do joy, you come to the conclusion that, 'they need a sibling'. It might be something you were programmed to believe from your own upbringing, or it might be the pressures of everyone around you, but either way, a majority of people will go on to have more than one child.

As a result, you may double or even triple the utter chaos in your household. It's craziness and mayhem, and it's the catalyst for some pretty funny tweets.

Check out our fav 'raising siblings' tweets below!

We call it smash-tag

If you have siblings, you know EXACTLY what this is.


Juuuust like the TikTok

"It didn't even hit you that hard..."

Perfect deal.

I was told it was the greatest gift I'd give you!

It's plain and simple...


That sounds perfect...

They touch literally everything.

Things I never thought I'd say...

*whistle blow*

Who needs alarm clocks...