People Share What They Would Do If Humans Didn't Need Sleep In Order To Survive

by Shasta

What would I do if humans no longer had to sleep....Hmm.

What a marvellous question to ask someone!

Well, personally, I'd write more. So much more, I'd be able to read all the books on my bookshelves PLUS the ones unread on my kindle app.

I'd do all the baking my heart desires.

I'd get to take showers WAY more often than I do now! (Hello having 3 little humans.)

I'd stargaze so much more than I do now.

I'd maybe study another language, or dabble into going back to school, (and that's a stretch because I did NOT enjoy school!)

I'd visit my friends more.

I'd travel like my life depended on it.

The list literally could go on and on.

However these fifteen people admitted just what they would do if sleeping was no longer a thing.

1. I'd sit with you Susan.

“Cry because my child no longer sleeps…”

2. Oh definitely. This man isn't wrong!

“Probably working. The world has a way with finding ways to make you have to work longer and I’m fairly sure suddenly finding you can make people work perpetually for as long as possible would happen within days of this discovery.”

3. I can see this.

“Spend 4 hours trying to motivate myself to be productive and change the world, then spend the next 4 hours gaming.”

4. Absofreakinlutely.

“Restaurants would instantly become 33% more profitable, because people would need a 4th meal.”

5. Facepalm.

“IDK, go on my phone.”

6. Cringe. Cringey cringe cringe cringe.

“Doesn’t matter what you’d like to do with it. The standard work day would suddenly be 16 hours long.”

7. Oh you're one of 'thooooose'!

“I like my life. But I also wake up at 6:15am to get ready for work and have a little free time to myself and don’t usually get home until at least 8:00pm. At that point I’m helping my fiancee making a late dinner and we watch 1 or 2 things on TV before going to sleep. . .

I could see life being just way more enjoyable with that extra 8 hours of time. Time to just do “me” and read more. And play all the cool video games I miss out on. See a few more movies. Basically, just do all the small things I never seem to have time for.”

8. Night owl here!

“I think businesses would adjust to accommodate late night sales so then you’d be able to apply for jobs depending on whether or not you are a early bird or a night owl. That would be great for me because I work better later in the day. I would love to spend my daytime hours doing things I wanted, take my pets out for exercise, hike etc and then work when it’s dark.”

9. I also would be crying in the corner silently....

“Cry silently in the corner because now I have to spend 24 hours a day with my children.”

10. I feels.

“Reddit and depression.”

11. I do not feels. Hahaha

“Play video games.”

12. Yes. All the yes. Paint. I'd start painting for sure.

“Learn a new hobby.”

13. Now we're talkin.

“Pick up another hobby, read more, educate myself 8h more would be so awesome.”

14. You're my people. Find me!

“Make a fortune writing novels about a fictional world where humans did need to sleep.”

15. Yes. I'd run many many miles.

“Exercise. I find that meaningful exercise has recently taken a backseat for me, unfortunately. Grad school means sitting in class for most of the day and then spending the rest of the time cooking for my family/other house work, and furiously playing catch up with work.”

What would you do if we suddenly no longer needed to sleep to function?

Tell us! We want to know!