Even Non-Parents Will Enjoy These Tweets About What It's Truly Like To Be A Parent

by Shasta

Fellow parents, we have a tough job don't we? Raising humans is not for the faint of heart.

It takes a level of commitment some may never understand. But those that do know that they're truly making a difference in the world for future generations.

However that also doesn't mean that things don't take their toll and weigh us down, because hello.

They definitely do! It's beautiful, and crazy, and crazy and beautiful.

That is the life of parenthood.

Someday though, we will get to look back and reflect and laugh about all the craziness and bask in the comfort that we did our jobs, well. <3


2. We have that here?

3. Normal every day with boys.

4. Pass it over hereeeee.

5. No fear.

6. Hellzzzzz Yeaaaaah!

7. Legit, so so legit.

8. Basic science people.

9. We have so much in common.

10. Good luck with that.

11. There's so much screaming.

12. I promise you will.

13. Seriously though.

14. Lawwwwd.

15. Save your money with a solid NO.

Hope these made your day! Let us know if it did in the comments!