Man Commented On A Cartoon Image Of A Tampon And Got Slammed Online

by Rachel

Around half of the global population experiences menstruation firsthand at some point in their lives. But, even if you personally do not menstruate, you definitely know someone who does.

Even the sheer number of people who uteruses, and the regular frequency at which they bleed, well, it makes it really weird to think about how stigmatised periods still are. Not to mention the fact that period products are quite expensive if you think about it.

The UK recently announced that there will no longer be a value-added tax (VAT) to period products, which is a huge and exciting win! This man, whilst in support of the tax reduction, had a severe problem with the way it was announced.

This radio host labelled an image of a cartoon tampon to be "obscene."

His Tweet received quite a lot of attention: with classic responses like this!

He just... hates the cartoon tampon??

Considering ads for period products usually just contain happy people dressed in white, or, if there is any "liquid" at all, it is blue; not really sure I've ever seen an obscene tampon ad?


In an interview with Bored Panda, Adam Garrie has this to say about his beliefs:

“If someone wants to publish photos of their genitals, bodily fluids, or anything else of that nature, I shall defend their right to do so. If someone seeks to bully me into enjoying it, I shall calmly state my entirely reasonable opposition. Not only are they comfortable with sharing photos of their bodily fluids and genitals online, but they seek to force those with personally traditional values to revel in the kind of exhibitionism which they enjoy.”
“In this sense, my opposition to a piece of crude government propaganda has been most educational. I have seen first hand the intolerance, bigotry, and sexism of those who want all men and all women to think alike. I believe in individual liberty and I shall continue to oppose all those who want to enforce a single point of view on others.”

But, there is a compelling argument to be made that the disgust in the drawing of a tampon may, in fact, come from a place of misogyny.

No blood in sight!

Wonder if he finds the blue water obscene, too?

Okay this IS obscene.

How do you feel about his remarks? Share your thoughts about the "obscenity of implied bodily fluids" below!

If you're looking for a way to celebrate the VAT being removed, listen to this fun little song about NASA and tampons (yes, you read that like).

(Friendly reminder that schools and shelters are always in need of period products, so if you have some spare, don't forget to donate--it can make a big difference.)