This Unfortunate Guy’s One Night In Cabo Would Make An Excellent Thriller Movie, But No One Would Believe It Is Based On Real Events

by Damjan

It is highly unlikely that Andrew Kimmel will place this trip to Cabo on his top 10 list. But it was so amazing that he will never forget it. And in time, probably laugh about it. Luckily, he has documented the entire trip so that we can laugh at it now.

And it sounds like it came from a thriller author.

It all started when Andrew was noted that he could lose his status with American Airlines, unless he pays an amount of $1875, or spends at least $275 on a plane ticket. Obviously, he chose to buy a ticket, and a short trip to Cabo, Mexico, sounded excellent.

Everything started normally. He rented a reasonable car, went out to a restaurant, met some friendly local family that surprised him by paying for his dinner too.

Andrew didn’t want to call it a night, so he went to a couple of bars. At the last bar of the night, things started to get interesting.

It was clear to Andrew that the police officers were working with the bar owner, and he was laughing at their well-organized scheme.

Three hours later, he was still in custody, even though it was supposed to last just 30 minutes.

Luckily, he makes friends.

In the morning, he was bailed out by a kind Kenyan woman who has been in similar trouble because Uber driver claimed she hadn’t paid him. Two of them quickly started looking for some transportation to take them to the airport.

Note: try not to fall asleep in situations like this but try to make friendships with pleasant Kenyans.

Cabo, your tourism department would definitely benefit from some reorganization.

At the airport, Andrew has complications because he doesn’t have a passport on him.

The Kenyan woman is in a mood for some romantics, but Kimmel just wants to get back home.

It is great when you have friends to help you out when you need them.

The end of this story is a bit of disappointing for all of us romantic souls out there. Kimmel makes the last flight out of Cabo, but not his party, because he arrived after midnight. He posted:

As they say, all’s well that ends well. He came back home safe and sound. A little bit of money lost, that’s all. And passport. And maybe love, but that’s his own fault.

On top of it all, American Airlines replied to his first tweet, and they obviously missed the entire point:

And that is how Andrew Kimmel’s year and decade started. We don’t know how he feels about it now when some time has passed, but for us, it sounded like a blast.