35 Hilarious Pictures Of People Trying To Fight Boredom During Quarantine

by Damjan

This whole self-isolation and quarantine situation has made us spend more time home. Let me rephrase that - made us spend all of our time at home. And the majority of the people are no used to that.

For people who live in houses with backyards, it is just bearable. But for people who live in apartment buildings... I guess it is torture.

All in all, it's not easy for anyone. Well, to fight to boredom, they are constantly trying to find new ways to entertain themselves, and sometimes the results are just hilarious. We have collected some of the funniest pictures of people fighting the quarantine boredom:

1. "The moment you realize coronavirus boredom has set in"


2. "I officially reached maximum boredom last night"


While boredom is great for messing about, constantly staying home can inspire us to start new projects and help out others with our own talents.

Joe The Doodle Boy from England, formed a new YouTube channel where he educates other children how to doodle It will help keep them busy, and give a boost to their creativity while they’re not going to school.

The reporters spoke to Joe’s father, Greg Whale, to find out more about how his son is getting used to his new position as an online art tutor. “Joe is enjoying passing on his doodle methods—he loves working on his YouTube channel and helping other kids and also many adults to open up their creativity in this very strange time!”

3. "Bored at home and folded this Koi Fish"


4. "Day 4 of quarantine"


5. "Quarantine day 10. Dinosaurs have reclaimed the land"


According to Greg, his kid Joe told that “art is an amazing thing to do when we all have to stay home, so my brother Jesse and I are taking this opportunity to be positive and help others create.”

Now that Joe has his YouTube channel functioning, he’s “really happy he has another thing to create.”

Greg and his spouse are tutoring their three children at home, using online education sources advised to them by their school.

6. "Day 6 of quarantine"


The Doodle Boy has been very active lately! “Joe has just completed a 30-piece commission for an eagerly awaited 5-star hotel in Palm Beach Florida where his work will be in each of the luxury rooms,” Joe’s dad told the reporter. “Joe is also working on 2 commissions for 2 of his followers. Joe now has an agent in LA, USA, who is in deep discussions with major publishers and animators.”

7. "A hairstylist friend of mine is doing her boyfriend's hair each day they are quarantined"


8. "Not all sports are cancelled"


9. "Experts recommend sticking to your daily routines"


10. "My mom kinda lost her mind in self quarantine"


11. "Day 8"


12. "Day 10 of quarantine. C section went smooth and all babies are safe"


13. "Quarantine Day 6"


14. "Quarantine Day 10"


15. "While updating a bathroom, I left a surprise under the floor for the next remodeler"


16. "Experts recommend keeping your daily rituals even while working from home"

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17. "Dad, We're Bored!" (Day 1 Of Lockdown)" Ummm Ok, strip this laptop down, and this desktop, and then rebuild them"


18. "I made a teeny tiny paper version of all the office characters because i have time to kill"


19. "My Family Had Some Fun With Post-It Notes To Entertain People Who Pass By"


20. "Chose And Laid Out My Outfits For The Next 2 Weeks"

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21. "Day 3 of quarantine"


22. "My hometown knows how to quarantine"


23. "Quarantine Day 5"

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24. "Day 9"


25. "My grandparents have been married for 67 Years. Handling this quarantine well"


26. "New treasure"

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27 "Trying To Explain Why He's Been Getting So Much More Attention Lately"


28. "Quarantine Day 9: Silvia is on a roll"


29. "Day 5 Of Quarantine"


30. "Every Day I Post A New Travel Picture From My Self-Quarantine. Now, Which Way To The Taj Mahal?"


31 "Day 7"


32. "Another productive day working from home"


33. "Every Day Of The Quarantine I Will Shave A Little More"


34."Love My Roommates, But This Quarantine Got Me 'Bout To Kill All Of 'Em"


35."My Dad Is A Pilot And During The Pandemic Decided To Make A Work Simulator At Home"