15 Pet Peeves You Probably Find Relatable

by Elana

Everyone has a pet peeve, if not more than one. We all just have those little things that crawl under the surface of our skin and drive us absolutely bonkers until we explode.

It's embarrassing, more often than not, but it's real and it's not entirely in our control. It may seem silly to someone on the outside but the mildly infuriating is still just that: infuriating.

These Reddit users chimed in when asked what little things send them into a fit of rage and you might just find yourself surprised when their pet peeves are a little too familiar. Too close for comfort, as some might say.

1. You have blinkers for a REASON

Please, just indicate when you’re going to turn.
PLEASE. It’s kind of the law.

2. Guaranteed way to escalate a situation:

Someone asking me to calm down when I’m already calm.
It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy at that point and I get all mad trying to explain that I’m not mad.

3. Train Game

People getting in the train without letting other people getting out first.

4. The worst feeling, though!

When a toe decides it wants to embrace a tables leg.

5. Don't half-ass closing a door, y'all.

When people shut my door, but it closes where it doesn’t click in and just slowly opens up again.

6. No reason at all? No thanks.

Let me generalize : People who are loud for no reason.
The quiet is nice, I don’t need you to shout something in my face when it isn’t urgent and we’re in an otherwise quiet location.
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7. Why do y'all do this??

Being ignored when asking someone something politely.


People blocking the pavement/sidewalk.
x2 If they are walking slowly.
x3 If they are a group of three or more friends walking in a line.
x10 If they are a group of friends walking slowly.

9. Self checkouts are a whole circle of Hell.

‘Unexpected item in bagging area.’
It’s not unexpected, you digital fuck. You literally just told me what it is. It’s right there on the screen. I did the wavy-wave, you did the bleepy-bleep; up until the point where you decided to have an electronic stroke, things were going exactly according to plan. What you mean is that you haven’t been programmed right. Don’t go putting this on me, like I’ve somehow gone out of my way to surprise you. I’ve got places to be, man. I can’t be playing hide-the-actual-salami with the Terminator’s younger, shittier cousin.
Oh, and now you’ve sent for backup. Well done. Now I have to deal with a human person who thinks I’m either an imbecile or a thief for not being able to work what’s effectively a bathroom scale with delusions of grandeur for the fourth time.
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10. Understandable.

A rock in my shoe, even a fucking tiny one.

11. This should upset everyone.

Seriously, how hard is it to avoid?

12. Bad Managers

When I am busy doing a task i have been set, then being told that wasn’t important you need to do this task now.. only to be yelled at later for not doing the original task…
I hate contradicting managers.
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13. Slamming doors and stomping feet.

My mom and I are the kind of people who, if you’re sleeping, we try to open and close doors as ninja as possible.
My dad and my sister just CLUNK the fucking door, every time, with absolutely no regard for how loud that shit might be. No deceleration, no attempt at sound dampening, no consideration whatsoever beyond their own concerns.
I know “lack of empathy” is a criteria for sociopathy, but after awhile you wonder if discourteous people just don’t have the brain capacity to think beyond themselves.

14. Door Handles, y'all.

Walking past a door handle to have your headphones ripped out. (yes I am poor)
Walking past a door handle to have your belt-loop snag and stop you dead in your tracks.
Door handles.

15. The sink is not a trash bin!

Spent tea bags do not go in the sink.
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