PETA Posted A Picture Of A Breastfeeding Cow And The Response Backfired

by Rachel

PETA have long been avid campaigners for animal rights. And some of their campaigns are a little... extreme, to put it mildly. Some companies have to rely on shock factor to get their message across and PETA are experts at that. Rather than informative, logical and emotional campaigns, they prefer to do things a little differently.

PETA recently tweeted a picture to encourage humans not to drink cows milk. Because, of course, cow milk was made for baby cows, not humans. The way PETA tried to spread this message was completely bizarre. I don't know what their marketing manager was thinking, but I do know it was supposed to cause a major reaction; and it did.

Here is the image that was Tweeted.

The reactions were surprising

Someone made a cute rap about it

I also wondered this

"Sexual awakening" is one way of putting it

The image may have had adverse effects

A good one for the Tinder profile

Cow milk > almond milk

PSA: Almond milk is also bad for the environment.

Some required a second thought

I, too, would like more information

Some people noticed similarities with other people

"Hey Siri how do I delete someone else's Tweets?"


Cows shouldn't be body-shamed either

Why did they decide to objectify a COW?

Others noted why PETA should take a more serious approach--shock factor will only get so much attention but real change comes from influencing behaviour

I'm no expert either, but I'm pretty sure that's not how a cow works

AND this is how you get almond milk!

Here are some gendered almonds, as if the situation couldn't get any worse

And finally, the point was made that it'd be weird to have an old man sucking on any kind of breast.