Some of The Most Frustrating Stories From The Reddit Thread r/ChoosingBeggars

by Hailey

Ah, Reddit, the front page of the internet. The platform provides an easy posting system along with an upvote / downvote system, which makes is a great place for people online to share their stories. One of the most popular story subreddits is called r/ChoosingBeggars.

As you may be able to tell from the name, this part of Reddit is all about sharing instances where people wanted certain things without being willing to offer something in return. Every story I've seen on this subreddit never fails to make me laugh out of incredulity, so happy Redditing.

Always remember; beggars can't be choosers.

For the love of god, PLEASE don't do this when commissioning artists.

Ok.. But what did i do wrong for being busy..? from r/ChoosingBeggars

They're really out here trying to buy a gaming PC for $30, huh.

$30 for a fully functional gaming PC with good specs from r/ChoosingBeggars

Sounds like a fair deal for sure.

Who is going to build this guy a computer? from r/ChoosingBeggars

Payment in exposure is never a valid offer.

But hey, you can show him what you can do from r/ChoosingBeggars

Oh god.

This choosing beggar that my friend @KertFN met on Twitter. from r/ChoosingBeggars

Again, shoutouts aren't methods of payment.

You'll get more followers from r/ChoosingBeggars

I think reading this may have caused me physical pain.

Incredibly impatient CB wants his track right now from r/ChoosingBeggars

Sounds more like a job opportunity than a Tinder bio, tbh.

Can anyone meet her requirements? from r/ChoosingBeggars