12 Interesting Twitter Posts About Reopening Schools

by Damjan

There is so much controversy about school reopening. And it's hard to say who is right. There are so many arguments on both sides. But, it is understandable to be afraid.

But it seems the virus itself doesn't scare us as much as the confusing and different messages we get from different parts of our governments. Their internal disagreements are now public.

They don't speak with one voice, and we are all wondering – with so much internal debating, how do they have time to do their jobs? We need a uniform approach to this problem, and everyone needs to do their job.

1. We should have coughing classes in schools…

Parents obviously failed to teach their kids.

2. Math, anyone?

Hey, I am not in school. I don’t want to do the math.

3. Wishful thinking?

Great expectations?

4. Does this make sense?


5. "Quite breathtaking"

Maybe we deserve all this?

6. Yeah, but they are baseball payers. They are not as disciplined as teenagers…Wait...

7. Repeat after me – human beings

Not machines.

8. Do opposite.

Just say no.

9. Are you nuts?

Social distancing for adults only.

10. So sad

Young children pay the price of our mistakes.

11. Teachers continued to work.

The buildings were closed.

12. Double standards.

Spaghetti straps kill, not Covid19