19 Totally Amusing Posts About How Reporters Are Struggling With Live Broadcasts From Their Homes

by Damjan

A reporter's job is definitely not an easy one. Going to places and talking to people they wouldn't normally, or sometimes even putting themselves in harm's way to get a good story.

And all the while envying those people who work from home and have it easy. They are nice and warm while the reporters are freezing or soaking wet, waiting outside for a press release or a government official statement.

Well, now they have a chance to see for themselves what's it like working from home... And we have to admit that they are managing it pretty well while having some fun while doing it…

1.Kim Powell, a reporter for CBS in Arizona, had her kitty stroll right in front of her during her broadcast from home:

"So it has been a week since...this is my cat...those are the perks from working from home!"

via: CBS

2. Charley Belcher of Good Day Tampa Bay had to calm his jumpy dog throughout his segment:

3. Hobie Artigue — the sports guy from Minnesota's Fox news station — had his big dog Boris crawl into his lap moments prior to his live piece:

4. Arkansas' KATV News journalist Shelby Rose used a tiny catnip to keep her cat, Zooey, busy she worked:

5. Dougie the dog crashes into CBS Boston news anchor Chris McKinnon’s live shoot

6. Joy Wang from KOB 4 Eyewitness News had no difficulties with her new "colleague" who snoozed all through the whole thing:

7. MSNBC analyst Peter Baker’s dog popped right in during his live appearance:

8. Jason Adams, ABC Tampa Bay's meteorologist, had his kitty Ninja run behind him while he was talking about the weather:

9. PBS News Hour's William Brangham went live on air with his cat sleeping calmly in the background:

10. CBS Denver's Makenzie O'Keefe put up a sign alerting his family not to enter the room while she was live on-air:

11. NBC News' Kate Snow did her own hair and makeup:

12. Heather Crawford from the First Coast News used her kid as a stand-in while she set up the shot:

13. MacGyver would be envy of how CBS News' Jericka Duncan created a tripod for her segment:

14. News 5 Cleveland's Jade Jarvis was very inventive when it comes to lighting:

15. KCEN News' Nick Canizales went live from the game room:

16. WMAZ News' Kayla Solomon did a healthy food piece live from her own kitchen:

17. Ira Glass of This American Life taped his show in his new studio:

18. WCNC Charlotte's Vanessa Ruffes used her deck so she could have the skyline in the background:

19. NBC Los Angeles meteorologist Shanna Mendiola made a Weather Center in her home.

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