Good Tenant Tells Their Revenge Story On Their Bad, Jealous Landlord

by Rachel

Anyone who has ever rented probably has a bad landlord story. Landlords have an obscene (and unfair) amount of power over their tenants, and they often exploit it.

Many people are living in undermaintained properties, often paying the majority of their income on their rent--and yet landlords still manage to guiltlessly exploit them! Landlords are often unregulated and inciting legal action against bad landlords can seem like more trouble than its worth.

This story was posted on the Pro Revenge thread on Reddit--a place where people celebrate getting revenge on people who have wronged you. It is a very community focussed thread (sometimes!) and everyone feels collective joy over the revenge against this horrid landlords.

This is a long story, but it is worth the read. Check it out below.

It was posted by u/RockyMoose.

Landlord is jealous of my income, raises my rent $500. I screw him years later for $20k. from r/ProRevenge

My face at the end:



The people in the comments LOVE it


"This is so satisfying. I feel like it's everyone's bad landlord fantasy."

Too many bad landlords exist!


"As a landlord/agent I whole heartedly enjoyed this. Waaay too many shit heads out there trying to get over on people."

I love Phil


"(I have special feelings for Phil now.)
"You and everyone else in this sub.

Props to everyone who manages to get out of bad landlord situations


"Just got out of an apt (literally moved out yesterday) after dealing with shitty landlord situations. This was the pickmeup I needed."

We love it!


"Brilliant story! I'm such a believer in "What goes around, comes around". Karma is a bitch, as they say.
I've heard so many stories about Real Estate agents, and even suffered similar situations to yours, so it's nice to hear a little comeuppance story :-)"

Have you ever managed to get one over on a bad landlord? Share your story in the comments!