This Is The "Satanic Activity Book" Being Given To School Children

by Elana

The public school system in the United States has been at a battle of church versus state for decades at this point. States all over the country have tried repeatedly to instill biblically based classes for students to learn while the other half of the country perpetually fights back, hard, to keep God out of school.

Recently controversy arose in the great state of Florida when in an attempt to be fair to all religions some Florida schools are going to be giving access to students not only copies of the bible but access to "literature" from their local Satanic Temple. Of all the potential materials children will have the opportunity to be exposed to, it is pretty unanimously agreed upon that the most interesting piece of literature is this little activity book, which includes puzzles and coloring pages.

Here it is in its entirety for your curiosity....

The cover is friendly looking!
And so we begin....
For expanding minds!
What a lovely picture.
Connect the dots has never been the same.
Life lessons.
What child doesn't love a good maze?
Open to creative interpretation.
I'll let you decode this.
And the last page...

So, what do you think? Florida schools opened up this opportunity when they let churches hand out bibles so now they kind of have to allow literature from the Satanic Temple, too. Would you be cool with your kids coming home with a bible or one of these activity books? Let us know.