This TikToker Explained Just How Misogynistic Dress Codes Actually Are

by Rachel

It shouldn't be news to anyone that dress codes are misogynistic and blame young girls for... having bodies? Yep that's basically all a dress code is.

Especially when you consider that a lot of the "rationale" for having a dress code is so that boys do not get distracted from their learning. This prioritizes boys' education over girls' which is obviously super messed up.

Even WORSE is when they claim it is so that male teachers don't get distracted. How about not employing creepy men to work in schools?

Anyway, this TikToker made a super good TikTok that explains the problem with dress codes super well.

Here is the original video.

The transcript is below this if you would prefer to read it too!


##stitch with @platformboobs I could talk abt this for hours there’s so much wrong w it ##fyp ##feminism ##dresscode ##misogyny

♬ original sound - Chan

The video explains how dress codes feed into rape culture and normalise it for girls at such a young age.

It sends such a bad message!

It sends such a bad message!

OR girls that wear shorter clothes when it is hot! Especially when so many schools are inadequately airconditioned.

The blame is placed squarely on the girls.

Which leads to victim blaming and feeds into rape culture.

Which leads to victim blaming and feeds into rape culture.

Chan has also created some other incredible videos on sexist things we have normalised in society.

For example, daddy issues (blaming the girls, rather than the men who failed them).


##fyp ##sexism ##daddyissues ##menaintshit ##womenssafety ##YesDayChallenge ##girladvice

♬ original sound - Chan

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*Unless you're a man trying to tell a woman what to do with her body in that case: shut up!

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