This Guy Had The Perfect Response When He Found Out His Date Was Trans

by Rachel

Trans people are often treated horrifically in this world, simply for existing. They often face discrimination, harassment, and disproportionately higher rates of mental illness. So when someone does the right thing, and finally treats them as they deserve to be treated; the internet often steps in to applaud. Which is exactly what happened here.

Reading stories likes this really makes you believe that the world is a better place than we think and not all people are completely terrible. Not that doing the bare minimum and simply being a decent human being is something that should be celebrated; but this is real freaking cute.

Tiffany Monroe posted a screenshot of a text from the guy she's seeing

People LOVED it

They tweeted their support for the relationship

This should be normal behaviour!

But since it isn't, it is important to acknowledge people doing the right thing,

There was some innuendo...

Fan club for people who treat trans people with basic respect!

Well said

The bar has been raised

Let's hope we're just one step closer to ending transphobia