Tech-Support Workers Share Photos Of The Worst And Most Hilarious Things They've Ever Seen On The Job

by Ariana

If you've got parents or grandparents, and you've ever 'fixed their internet' for them (usually by restarting the router, or turning the Apple TV off and back on again) then you'd know what a hero you feel like when you fix things. It's like your Steve Jobs reincarnated.

If you're not familiar with it, it's time to be. It's a sub-reddit called r/techsupportgore (Tech Support Gore) and it's all the horrible, hilarious and crazy things that tech-support workers see every single day.

They take photos and they submit them here so that all their tech-head friends and all their tech-savvy colleagues can laugh at all the crazy stuff people who don't know how to use computers (and phones, and flash drives) do.

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'Ticket Said "Camera Flickers To Fuzzy Brown Image Often".'

'Ticket Said

“The Printer Isn’t Working”

“The Printer Isn’t Working”

"Hospital Server Room"

"End user had a heater next to the PC which was randomly shutting off and she thought she had smelled burning a couple of times. It is literally screaming."

"I can't even."

"First day on job; set up those 4 wireless speakers for you."

"Ancient Temple of Asus"

""Told a user to shutdown their virus infected computer and ship it back and to label it as infected. They did good."

"I need somewhere to set this candle....oh here’s a good spot!"

"My PC shut off suddenly and won't turn back on."

"My fan was making too much noise!"

"I should tell them it's not a touch screen..."

"AT&T has no idea why their DSL services is so poor. It must be my wires in my house. No I don't think so."

Just a little magnet to hold it up....

Just a little magnet to hold it up....

"My space heater stopped working”

"One of my co-workers was eager to unpack her new mouse."

"Someone unplugged something and now the office internet doesn't work..."

"Professional cabling at Pepsi"

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"Customer came in with his iPhone, his glass cracked, he thought he could peel off the glass so he wouldn't notice the crack anymore."

"Plugging in your USB receiver with a hammer for that flush mounted look."

"It didn't plug in, so I bent the pins to make it fit."

"My friend drilled holes in his mouse to make it lighter so it would give him an 'advantage'."

"Don't forget to tip your server"

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"My grandpa thought his headphone jack was a screw hole."

"Work for local high school, the disc drive wasn’t working. Probably been there since 2012"

"But I like it this way, it's convenient." -my tech savvy aunt"

"User "Dropped it walking to the car." It came in the day after the Super Bowl."

"Round 2 Of How Students Treat Their Chromebooks In My School, I have no words"

"When the acid kicks in..."

"My flash drive won't show up and i've literally tried everything."