There's A Troll At Universal Studios That Farts Glitters For The Amusement Of Park Patrons

by Elana

Taking the family to theme parks is basically a global phenomenon. Families all over the world dream of opportunities to visit the Disney theme parks from Florida to Paris because they're great fun for all ages. In steep competition for a long time with Disney, there is Universal Studios.

Universal Studios is located in Orlando, not terribly far from everyone's beloved Disney World but despite its close proximity to the house of mouse, Universal Orlando is one of the most visited resorts in the entire world. In 2017 they recorded a whopping 21 million visitors! There is no shortage of reasons to visit Universal Studios because there really is a LOT to do but that doesn't mean that as the competition gets steeper every year that Universal isn't trying to keep up!

With Disney being able to incorporate the Star Wars and Marvel universes to their fun time, Universal realized that Harry Potter might not be enough to keep reeling in the consumers and they have recently decided to raise the bar of expectations, or something along those lines.

2016's Trolls was a huge success, hitting 346.8 million at the box office and leading to copious amounts of merchandise opportunities as well as a spin-off holiday special and a TV series on Netflix! It only makes perfect sense that Universal Studios would have beloved characters from Trolls roam the park and interact with patrons.

Along with Branch, the paranoid survivalist of the Trolls community, you can also find Princess Poppy around the park spreading the kind of joy that only the happiest troll ever could spread.

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I guess Branch and Poppy weren't doing the trick so they brought in Guy Diamond, a sparkly, glitterly troll that was pretty popular with the kids.

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While plenty of trolls like Branch and Poppy wear clothes, Guy Diamond does not. He is some sort of glitter nudist. But once you get past that reality, that's not the weirdest thing about this giant troll wandering the parks and interacting with guests.

What you're going to notice very quickly is that Guy Diamond makes a huge spectacle... and farts out glitter.

Um, I guess this makes sense because it's his specialty in the movie.

Naturally, Twitter has erupted with excitement.

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Fart Patrol: these guys gotta clean up fart glitter all day. Living the dream.

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But wait, there's video.

Seriously, hearing a description of a giant, glitter-farting troll could never do justice to the amount of effort Universal Orlando is putting into hyping up these party-farts. You have to see for yourself in this brief video.

So, will you be taking your kids to Disney World or Universal Orlando? The lure of a glitter fart is... uh, luring? Indeed?

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