Adults Who Decided That Their Least Amount Of Effort Was Their Best Effort

by Shasta

I live my life by the motto, think smarter not harder. So if there's any easier way, you can bet you sweet a$$ I'm going to find it. I mean, as long as the job gets done, right? Right.

I think some of the best ideas have been thought of with this method. So it's clearly a great way to operate. Unfortunately, no, things don't always go your way or end up the way that you'd hope they'd go, BUT that's what makes it a learning curve.

Then you end up learning something new every day! Check out these people who did the bare minimum that life would tolerate, they're sure to leave you smiling!

1. Talk about the perfect parenting hack.

Swing String

2. This is actually genius.

Piece of cake!

3. Does it really say that?

Short but honest from r/technicallythetruth

5. Triple baby triple.

Doubling stacking? Watch this.

6. He didn't feel like walkin, guys.

8. This is me and math, yup.

This kid gets it

9. Talk about a loophole.

Does this fit in? from r/FirstWorldConformists

10. Consider it FINISHED.

he was just following orders

11. Like... okay?

By customer request. from r/funny

12. I just did what I was asked to.

Bring two photos on a CD? Just following instructions.

Surely every one has a famous lazy task, share yours with us!