10 HR Managers Share Weirdest Job Applicants’ Interviews

by Damjan

Job interviews can be so stressful, and they almost always are… You are standing in front of a person who has 30 minutes to evaluate you and decide if you are getting a job and, consequently, can afford rent and food.

But it’s not stressful only for you. The hiring managers also have it rough sometimes. They encounter amazing people -totally unaware of where they are and why, to whom they are talking to….

Well, now its time for those poor HR people to open their souls and share the weirdest job interviews they’ve ever conducted. We have selected some of the best of them, and they are hilarious…

1. The nudist….

One job candidate showed up nude for his online job interview…

 “We told him we could see him and he said “sorry” then covered up with a sheet. We asked if he wanted to reschedule and he said no he was good. So yeah we decided to pass.” — Boxman 75


2. High expectations…

The company found a candidate who was skilled and self-confident. But she requested a limo…

“I tell her thank you for taking the time to fly down but not even our own VPs get that treatment and to go ahead and change your ticket to fly home, now.” —blatentpoetry


3. Crying her eyes out…

One woman cried through the interview:

“She cried three times during the interview about how much she hated her current job. My coworker had to get up and grab a box of tissues for her. When she finally calmed down, she informed us that she’ll need a special desk chair due to an injury she sustained at her current job. and yes, she did have a workers compensation court case against said job and she hoped to "win big". No one had said anything about hiring her, she just made an assumption that she got the job I guess.

The icing on the cake was that she was interviewing for a workers compensation job, at a firm where we only represent employers, never injured people. While that doesn't influence hiring decisions, talking at length about her current case against her boss was just a weird thing to bring up. That and crying...

Edit - I'm pretty well acquainted with employment and comp law. She didn't get turned down because she had a comp case - crying three times, believe it or not, did the trick for taking her off the call back list. I felt really bad for her but dude, you can't do that in an interview.” —accidentalhorse


4. He doesn’t interact - he DEALS with people…

That’s not the answer they expected:

“The one I won’t forget is when I asked him “how well do you interact with people?” He said, “I used to be a bouncer, I know how to DEAL with people..” I immediately said okay this interview is over, thank you for your time…” —Bubblesintroubles

5. It has to end sometime…

This candidate really enjoys talking about himself:

“To start the interview, I asked him to tell us (3 people) a little bit about himself.

35 minutes later, he stopped talking. Usually people answer this question in 1-5 minutes. It was incredibly awkward and I was tempted to interrupt him but then truly wanted to see how long he would go.” —DefinitelyYoda


6. Great reason....

That would be so awkward:

“She listed all of her ex-boyfriends who currently worked there and said she couldn’t wait to see the look on their faces when she showed up to work.” —lovelanguage_sarcasm


7. Like they were in court.

Nice talking to you:

“They answered literally every question, ‘I don’t know, man’ or ‘Can’t think of anything right now.'” —Webhead1287


8. Friendliness is always good, right?

“My manager and I were doing this second interview, and when I called him in, he gave me a huge hug and proceeded to talk to me like I was his best friend. ” —tittyelf


9. Just staring...

“While waiting in reception, the applicant wandered into the CFO’s office. She was on the phone, so he stood in her doorway and stared at her while she was on the phone.” —fievelm


10. Such a great opening line…

“Had a candidate who came in and asked how hot my administrator was and asked if she was single or ‘open to freaky Fridays.'” —gmabarrett