Dumbest School Rules People Had To Follow And There Are Some Weird Ones

by Rachel

As kids, I'm sure most of us had a little vendetta against the rules schools made us follow. Typical, rebellious kids tended to make a bit of a fuss when it came to following rules, and some even got into debates with teachers about why they were bad rules.

Personally, I didn't understand why liquid paper was banned for being "flammable" never mind all the paper books and wooden rulers/pencils we had. Sure, if you have a good reason for banning something, then by all means.

Some rules are just so ridiculous they need to be shamed online, which is why u/SoLe123456 on Reddit asked the question: "What's the dumbest rule your school ever enforced?" Read on to find out.

Logic where?


my school had 3 staircases along a very long corridor. we were banned from using the middle staircase because it got overcrowded. the ban was lifted once they realised it only made the other two staircases just as crowded

Inadequate heating and enforced dress codes... this was the worst


Not being allowed to wear hoodies/jackets or sweaters that lacked the official school logo.
(I was a high school teacher for several years, both buildings I worked in were FREEZING, and having admin pull students out of my classroom during a 50 minute period & giving them detention instead of letting them LEARN is cruel and completely unnessesary, in my opinion).



If you throw snowballs, you get a one day suspension. The first long weekend after a snowfall everyone would throw snowballs to get an additional day added to the long weekend.



You can only use 3 squares of TP...

And a pencil is what?


Candy canes were outlawed because you could sharpen them to a point and use them as a shiv.
I went to school in rural Washington. We were definitely weren’t somewhere that shankings were to be expected

You would think so!


My elementary school had those super long tables with little stools attached. Whenever a class got in trouble for being too loud during lunch, the punishment was that we had to sit every other seat. Even at like 7 years old I was like “won’t we just have to talk louder to hear each other if we’re farther away?”

Punish lateness by making them ever later! Cool!


The new Principal made a "morning round-up" rule where anyone arriving to class after the last bell had to go to the cafeteria and listen to a lecture about not being late for class. This took about an extra 15 minutes, making the students even more late to class than they would have otherwise been. Needless to say, everyone hated it, even the teachers. That principal didn't last long...

This is gross


"If we didn't see it happen, it didn't happen."

All it did was train bullies to be really good at keeping their voices down and being aware of their surroundings so they could avoid doing shit within a teacher's line of sight. It meant if you were ever outside of a teacher's vision range you were still fair game for heaps of abuse, and if you tried to report things that teachers didn't see then the teachers treated you like you were making up bullshit.

It also didn't stop teachers from enforcing double standards, like believing reports from their personal favorites even when they didn't see it happen, since they could just claim they saw it happen if it was contested.

That school was basically a training facility to turn bullies into stealth experts.

News to me!


No beads. Apparently they thought beaded jewelry was gang related?



We were not allowed to have facial hair at all.
Like to the point where the principal would walk around during lunch with razors and shaving cream and do "Stubble checks".
Absolutely ridiculous and he would send tons of us to the bathrooms to shave during lunch, no matter how small the stubble was.



Went to school during the time where health and safety suddenly started going crazy, they introduced a "no contact under any circumstances" rule i.e no touching another person, we were like 6 or 7 years old. Suddenly one day not only is tag suddenly illegal, but they actually enforced it, I remember one day like 70% of the schools population was pulled off of the playground and made to sit on the floor in the hall, for the crime of just playing the games that children play.

We had rules like this too...


Playing cards at lunch was prohibited because it "promoted gambling".

Gangs famously consist of minimum 5 people


Can’t be standing around in groups more than 4 “gang mentality”

Ah yes, why use a bag when you can just use your hands???


Banned all backpacks / bags on campus. Students were expected to somehow carry everything they needed in hand.
This was especially challenging if you had a non ideal locker placement.

This is sad


You have to wear your tie all the way home. Some sad bastard teachers would stand on the main road away from the school and try to hand out detentions in presumably their own time



They outlawed bracelets because there was an article in a magazine somewhere saying they advertised what sexual acts you were open for based on their colour.
Then someone tried to outlaw wrist watches for the same reason.

Not the ANKLES


Girls weren’t allowed to show their ankles. The dean had a pack of socks in her office she would give the students and make them wear. Only girls tho. This was the 2000s.



Rule: No duct tape ON clothing.
Reason: Some girls thought they could get past the "no ripped jeans" rule by covering the tears with duct tape. It became a "fad" and everyone started doing it so it got banned. A kid in my AP literature class found a loophole and MADE an entire outfit out of red and black duct tape. I mean Shorts, A TShirt AND a jacket and SHOES. When the school tried to suspend him they couldn't because the rule Was " No Duct Tape ON clothes" It said nothing about clothes made OUT OF duct tape... He won the argument and even wore the outfit a few more times to Say "Fuck you " to the school and principles lol .

Ah that makes sense... NOT


You weren't allowed things like chocolate bars or basically any unhealthy snack in your lunch box. But they then sold double chocolate chip cookies and iced buns in the canteen.



One particular professor at my university would lock the door a minute after class began. If you had to leave to go to the bathroom, you couldn't get back in.
Somehow this ancient fossil is still teaching and pulling similar shit.

Hydration does not matter kids!


We weren't allowed have personal drinks in classroom unless we had doctor's note.

What's the dumbest school rule you had to follow? Share it in the comments below.

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