Illustration Shows How Much Harder It Can Be For Women In The Workplace And This Man Got Upset About It

by Rachel

Gender inequality is a very real barrier that so many women around the world still face today. Although there have been some great strides of progress that have been made over the years, there are still many areas where women’s progress lags behind.

Often, these issues that women face are invisible to men, or else they just choose to ignore them and pretend that it does not exist. Whether it is wilful ignorance or not, sometimes men do not notice it until it impacts them directly.

Friendly reminder that feminism benefits everyone, but it should not have to be targeted towards men in order from them to decide to care about women! Check out this graphic below to show this!

After babysitting his grandchild, this man realised that it is much harder for women than he originally thought!

This man got a little upset about it, and created a new graphic. Because, of course, the only problems women have is laundry!

The "invisible labour" that goes into running a home is often overlooked; gender equality starts at home.

Lots of people disagreed with the graphic

Including this very valid point!!

Plus, this funny point!

Recognise! Household! Work! As! WORK!

Some change starts on the individual level, but it needs to be supported legally, too!

Yet most men don't realise until they are in that position

And most women have to work twice as hard to get to the same place!

Some countries are making changes to encourage equal participation in homes!

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