People Of The Internet Share Major Work Related F-Ups And Mistakes That Will Make You Laugh, Cry & Cringe

by Ariana

@b3ta recently asked Twitter to share their work related fuck-ups. Replies OF COURSE came in thick and fast from all corners of the world wide web.

The reason being? Well it's obvious... we all fuck up at work!

I've made many a mistake at work. My most embarrassing was when I tried to radio my co-worked on our two-way radio, and instead switched it to the P.A. system and broadcast my entire radio call to ENTIRE STATE ZOO!

My most expensive mistake was when I worked at a furniture removal company and sent an entire removal truck (plus 5 burly removal men) to the wrong address. Oh, and it wasn't just the wrong house number on the right street.

It was the wrong house, on the wrong street, in the wrong suburb, almost an hour from the right house. That one was bad.

If this is something you can relate to, check out the tweets below.

Here is @beta's tweet


Just, 'Hi Fart'.



This is actually horrendous...

This is traumatising.

.... Yikes again.

No words.

I also hate being treated like an idiot.

"Did not end well..."

Just why?

I can just see this drama unfolding...

Champagne showers. Literally.