Wholesome Photos Of Rescue Animals Who Have Just Been Adopted Into Their Forever Homes

by Rachel

One of life’s greatest pleasures is the joy that comes with having a pet. The best way to get a pet is to adopt. Getting pets from breeders is unethical—especially since many of them end up with serious health problems.

For that reason, checking out shelters and adoption options is way better than buying them from people who are only in it for the money, rather than the love of animals. Adopting animals means you can get an older, or sick, animal, who are just as worthy of love—and every bit as cute!

There has been an increase in people adopting pets recently, and you know what that means? Lots of people sharing pictures of their new babies online!

What a happy doggy!

My aunt adopted a smiling puppy from r/aww

I think the new kitten fits in perfectly.

Adopted a kitten, it seems he’s fitting in just fine. Or maybe a little too well 😂 from r/cats

I think he likes you

I only adopted him an hour ago. from r/cats

Senior dogs need love, too!

Drove 2260 miles to adopt this little sweetie, and it’s the best thing I have ever done. Reddit, meet 10 year old Billie. from r/aww

Hugging Pitts are so cute

Adopted pit can't stop hugging his new owner from r/aww

Kittens are the cutest!

My cousin adopted baby kitties today... Very jealous from r/aww

Tiny kitty

Reddit say Hello to our tiny little Coco. from r/aww

The first Father's Day is always a special one

Rescued this Corgi puppy from the shelter a few weeks ago. My first Fathers Day as a Father! from r/aww

Sometimes you just need a custom doormat for your new adopted pet

Our adopted boi is half husky. Got a custom doormat made just for him! from r/aww

Bless! There's nothing better than an animal warming up to you

Adopted this lady two months ago. Today was the first time she wanted to play! from r/aww

Missing an ear, but not missing love!

Daisy, the kitten nobody adopted because of her ear from r/aww